Julianna Rowsell

Principal Product Manager, Product Equity

Julianna (she/her they/them) is currently working on generative AI aiming to reduce harm and bias and increase equitable representation. They self-identify as disabled—ADHD, ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and anemia—and have spent the last two decades developing a deep understanding of accessibility, access needs and disability justice with the disabled community. Over the last five years Julianna endeavored to bring that same depth of understanding to intersections of equity, the digital world, and the human experience. They’ve helped organizations like the Government of Canada and leading tech companies make moves toward big bets that focus on equitable outcomes and equitable futures. Julianna aspires to co-create more equitable futures with people that are not rooted in extraction, forced modernity, or evocative of ownership over people, their ideas, or ways of being and in 2022 founded, with their partner, an accessible, sustainable, regenerative flower farm.