Experience Design Manager

The opportunity

The Adobe Express content team is looking for an incredible design leader who will help grow our playful, fun, and encouraging content approach–globally. Adobe Express content helps millions of creators express their ideas, grow businesses, ace homework projects, and achieve their dreams, movingly!

You, and your team, will be the global voice of content. You will ensure anyone from anywhere feels what they can create in Adobe Express aligns with their place of origin, culture, and home.

What you’ll do

Adobe Express is at a pivotal point; we are reaching millions of communicators around the globe with an all-in-one creative tool that enables anyone to stand out.

What you’ll bring to the team

Your approach to setting unbreakable standards makes you a go-to for global content design, and your drive and ability to empower your team clears the path for global scale.



How to apply

To be considered for this role, please submit your resume and portfolio. In your portfolio, we’d like to see a strong foundation of visual direction, and content strategy; with examples of systems-thinking and collaborative approaches to the design process.

Anything that shows experience engaging with a similar software design team would be a big plus.