Adobe’s Experience Design Team is looking for a strong intern candidate to learn the ins and outs of product research and strategy while assisting the product design team in decision making on both new and existing products. It’s a great opportunity for someone in a masters or PhD program to use put their research skills to use while gaining first-hand experience of the product development process at a large software company.

We’re looking for candidates that have focused their education on research methods and practices and who are interested in both research and design. As part of the Experience Design Team, you will work directly with designers, content strategists, and product managers to define research questions and conduct primary research to address these questions. You will also have an opportunity to see your recommendations and ideas put into action.

Research Focus Area:

This role will focus on research topic areas that are relevant “across clouds.” This means that, rather than studying our customers through the lens of a single product or solution category, you will be responsible for thinking horizontally and exploring areas related to the integration of Adobe’s creative, document, and marketing products. You will get to work in partnership with a variety of different Adobe teams, including product teams as well as horizontal teams that focus on Adobe-wide experiences.

Must Haves

  • Enrolled in a masters or PhD program in sociology, social psychology, organizational psychology, HCI, strategic design & management, or related fields.
  • A reasonable knowledge of either qualitative or quantitative research methods and a clear understanding of when and why to use these different methods.
  • At least some experience putting these methods into practice.
  • Ability to assess a project’s scope, determine appropriate research questions, and identify and appropriate research method.
  • Can conduct at least one research method from start to finish, including; developing a realistic research plan and materials, recruiting participants, and synthesizing data into findings.
  • Must be comfortable with complexity and be a strong systems thinker.

Adobe & Beyond

  • Strong candidates will be able to demonstrate the use of multiple methods in their work. Bonus points for conducting both qualitative and survey research.
  • Examples of working in an applied/industry setting (does not have to be tech).
  • Comfortable working and negotiating across multiple teams with different needs.
  • Experience working with designers and/or using product or service design synthesis methods such as; journey maps, service blueprints, or concept brainstorming.
  • Ability to articulate your research findings through clear and insightful presentations that demonstrate a keen sense of storytelling and visual communication.

Why Adobe

At Adobe, you will be immersed in an exceptional work environment that is recognized throughout the world on Best Companies lists. You will also be surrounded by colleagues who are committed to helping each other grow through our unique Check-In approach where ongoing feedback flows freely.

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