The Adobe Design Content Strategy team is looking for an intern to join us in San Francisco in summer 2020, to help bring descriptive, semantic meaning to our large database of icons. Adobe Design has thousands icons in our repository, and while they’re organized well and easy to browse, they lack semantic descriptions, which prevents our designers from using them consistently. And although they’re deployed under the guidance of our Brand + Icons team, product designers lack guidance about what an icon can or should be used for. Similarly, after implementation, the icons do not use the same wording upon rollovers for users across products, which creates usability and accessibility issues.

What you’ll be working on

We’re looking for a designer of words; a linguistics-minded researcher and writer who can:

  • Research how different audiences and disciplines at Adobe are using particular icons based on meaning
  • Develop short descriptions for our product workflow icons that are human- and search-engine friendly
  • Develop a basic usage guide for when and why to use particular icons
  • Develop a taxonomy or a category set for better organization and scaling of icon store
  • Develop guidelines to name and add descriptions to new icons in the future, building it into the workflow of the icon designer
  • Advise on the taxonomy and categorization of icons for the next phase of the internal-facing icons repository website
  • Work with dev team as needed on tooling for icon search and deployment

What you’ll bring to the team


  • An interest in, and an affinity for taking abstract or complex ideas and turning them into words
  • An ability to think about words in a systematic, strategic way. You don’t just fill an empty box full of words — you help define the box in the first place
  • Ability to present and sell your ideas, create coalition, and build support
  • Working toward a degree in a related field, such as:
  • Linguistics
  • Information sciences
  • Strategic communications
  • HCI
  • Content strategy, UX Writing or content design
  • Information Architecture


  • A literacy with Adobe’s products
  • Experience writing for or about UX design
  • Experience with, or an affinity for creating, socializing, and governing terminology

How to Apply

To be considered for this role, please submit your resume and portfolio. We’d especially like to see a strong writing foundation, a systems-thinking approach to design, and maybe even a strategy for creating a language system.

About Adobe Design

Adobe Design creates tools that amplify the world’s ability to create and communicate. We’re a global team of designers, researchers, prototypers, content strategists, program managers, and more who work across Adobe’s three product lines: Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Experience Cloud.