The opportunity

Thrive in uncharted spaces? Passionate about making the future of creativity a reality? Adobe Design, our nearly 400-person product design group, is seeking an innovative, adaptable, and forward-thinking Senior Experience Designer to pioneer AI-first creation experiences and partner closely with teams exploring new technologies and product experiences.

What you’ll be working on

Together, we are working to inspire and empower the next generation of creatives. You will play an integral part, designing and prototyping exciting new product experiences that take full advantage of the latest AI technology from Adobe research. We’ll work iteratively to design, prototype, and test novel creative experiences, develop a deep understanding of user needs and craft new AI-first creative tools that empower users in entirely new and unimagined ways.

Your challenge is to help us pioneer AI-first creation experiences by creating novel experiences that are intuitive, empowering and first of kind. If you are enthusiastic about solving big design challenges and empowering creatives to seek their vision, this is your opportunity to work with a truly outstanding team on some really exciting and impactful projects.

You will (among other things):

  • Empower creatives across the globe by designing at the intersection of “simple” and “powerful,” fueled by user research, business strategy, and innovative creative technology from across Adobe.
  • Explore design ideas via sketches, storyboards, and prototypes. Collaborate closely with teams to learn and iterate towards product objectives. Be the voice of reason and a champion for user needs.
  • Seek the truth. Work closely with engineering, product and research partners to build a deep understanding of our users, market strategy, and underlying technologies. Effectively share insights that enhance our strategic lens and encourage further design explorations.
  • Work alongside a world-class design team, and directly with senior product managers, engineering scientists, researchers, and partners from across the company to bring new product experiences to life.
  • Execute designs down to the details. Refine processes and build positive partnerships with engineering and product teams to deliver exceptional product experiences that are delightful and fully considered.

What you’ll bring to the team


  • A minimum of 4 years of industry experience in design with a demonstrated ability to explore and harness new technologies.
  • Experience (and a love of!) solving complex design and technology problems, across multiple surfaces (ie., phone, tablet, desktop, web).
  • Endless curiosity. A deep passion for emerging technology, and a desire to understand what people need and how things work.
  • Excellent communication skills, a passion for good storytelling, and an ability to clearly articulate a multi-level problem space and strategy behind design decisions.
  • Creative and analytical skills to utilize research as a catalyst across your design work.
  • The ability to lead, collaborate and inform open-ended design projects that may be ambiguous or ill-defined in their early stages.
  • Experience across a range of design approaches and methodologies, including design systems, prototyping, wireframing, and delivery of production assets.


  • Experience designing AI-driven interfaces that exceed user expectations.
  • Direct experience building creative tools that help a user get from idea/inspiration to results.
  • Experience creating user experiences for mobile, desktop and web applications.
  • Experience utilizing design systems and extending them to meet the unique needs of users.

How to apply

To be considered for this role, please submit your resume and portfolio. We’d especially like to see strong systems-thinking and examples of your process and evolution of work.

About Adobe Design

Adobe Design creates tools that amplify the world’s ability to create and communicate. We’re a global team of designers, researchers, prototypers, content strategists, program managers, and more who work across Adobe’s three product lines: Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Experience Cloud.