Adobe Design Talks: Generative AI needs design leadership

Why strategy and research are essential for Al-powered tools

A photograph of four women and a man (far left) seated on a stage in front of a screen that reads Adobe Design Talks.

Photography by Myleen Hollero

At the inaugural Adobe Design Talks in San Franciso, Adobe Design leaders at the forefront of generative AI strategy and experiences took part in a panel discussion, moderated by Design Better podcast host Aarron Walter, about the role of design strategy in generative AI.

The conversation, between Laura Herman (Senior Research Manager, Adobe Design Research & Strategy), Danielle Morimoto (Senior Design Manager, Generative AI), Rachana Rele, (VP of Design, Generative AI, Incubator, and Emerging Products), and Samantha Warren (Senior Director of Design, Machine Intelligence & New Technology), focuses on how designers and researchers can influence the present and future of generative tools.

By talking to and advocating for people, and using their skillsets to visualize the future, design leaders can define the considerations needed to make AI-powered tools useful, usable, and human-centered.

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Insights from the conversation

About Adobe Design Talks

Adobe Design Talks is a series of learning and networking events for creative professionals that foster connections, community, and conversations on the role and practice of design in technology.

About the Design Better podcast

Design Better co-hosts Eli Woolery and Aarron Walter explore the intersection of design, technology, and the creative process through conversations with inspiring guests across many creative fields. Whether you’re design curious or a design pro, the Design Better podcast inspires and informs.

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