Design Systems Podcast: The evolution of Spectrum, Adobe’s design system

A conversation with Shawn Cheris on the alignment of brand and design

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Shawn Cheris, senior director of Spectrum at Adobe, in conversation with Chris Strahl for the Design Systems Podcast, explores how design tools shape final products, and reflects on the work of aligning brand with user experience and the challenges and excitement of evolving Spectrum, Adobe’s design system.

Shawn leads Spectrum—the organization responsible for the brand and experience of all Adobe products—with teams focused on design systems, brand, iconography, content strategy, engineering, and prototyping. The interview sheds light on the intricacies of translating visual designs into functional code, uniting brand and digital experience, and maintaining brand consistency across product suites.

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Insights from the conversation

About the Design Systems Podcast

Sponsored by Knapsack, Design Systems Podcast interviews industry leaders and product makers to share best practices and explore the areas where design and development overlap. They talk with experts to get their point of view about trends in design code and how it relates to the world around us.

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