Alexis T.

Experience Design Manager

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Illustration by Michael Cho

Adobe Design is a large team. We work across products, processes, and tools in different cities, countries, time zones, and cultures and celebrate each other whenever we have the opportunity. Our Profiles are a way to introduce the bright and brilliant folks on our team to the external design community. Spend some time getting to know them.

How would you describe what you do to someone you’re sitting next to on a plane?

Over the last ten years I have been fortunate to support some incredible design teams at Adobe. I currently lead a team of talented designers across three continents (India, Europe, USA). I learn so much from them about their cultures and about design. Together we’re creating experience marketing products for the future. Oh, and I love cycling.

What is a project you’re most proud of?

Since the beginning of my Adobe career, there are dozens of projects that I am truly proud of, but there is one related to a video prototype we created to demo a set of capabilities of our new DX tool called “Adobe Journey Optimizer” to our CEO, Shantanu Narayen, in summer 2019. It was the perfect combination of having multiple clever Adobe Design people in the same room, crafting a scenario, tweaking an existing user experience, creating a prototype, and working day and night on a short deadline to create the best video we could. The result: a week of arduous work, a high-quality, 90-second video, a super-duper experience, and great feedback from the “Big Boss.”

What has your career trajectory been? A straight shot? A maze of switchbacks? Or a knot you’ve untangled? Would you change the route?

I don’t know if it is any of those. I am not really a career-oriented person. I mean, I always try to grow, take on new responsibilities, and try to reach my goals as soon as possible, but “furthering my career” doesn’t drive my day-to-day work or decisions. When I started at Adobe in 2012 (in Basel, Switzerland) as a junior designer, the Adobe Design org didn’t exist yet. My primary focus was to create clean and modern UX for Marketing Cloud products. I had some amazing mentors who encouraged me, and I made some good decisions, stayed humble, and eventually made it to where I am today. One thing is clear though: I’m proud of what I've accomplished and would not change the route for anything.

What was your dream job when you were ten years old?

There were many, but becoming an archaeologist or astronaut were certainly two of my biggest. The thought of unearthing an important piece of history sounded cool in my brain. It still is today, especially when I tour the Greece and Egypt collections in the Louvre Museum. And being an astronaut on a SpaceX Starship vessel on the road to Mars would also be super exciting. Who knows, maybe my next intergalactic career.

What’s your process when you need to solve a big problem?

Usually, big problems need a solid process. There are tons of tips for those on Medium, but my advice is: Engage. Disagree. Commit. Move fast and light. Be UX design-driven. Embrace the unknown. And trust your instincts.

What passion project are you currently working on?

I am currently DIY-transforming my home office setup. The goal is to rebuild it, for more than just work, and include a space for my road bike and cycling equipment. I try to apply the same rules to interior design and ergonomics that I use for UX projects.

Does music inspire your creativity? If so, what do you listen to?

It really depends on the day but music helps to shape my creative process. I spend half of my working days on video calls, so the second half is usually dedicated to my tasks or projects and that’s when I play music, usually hip-hop. However, fashion and modern art also play a significant role in helping me push my creative limits.

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