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Adobe Design is a global team of designers, researchers, prototypers, content strategists, program managers, and more who work across Adobe’s three product lines: Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Experience Cloud.

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Announcing the international Foodicons Challenge

Beginning November 2020, Adobe joins The Lexicon and Noun Project in hosting a series of five monthly challenges for designers to develop a shared, open-source and royalty-free iconographic language for food to be unveiled at the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit.

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Orchestrating the consumer experience as a designer

Senior director of design for Experience Cloud, Phil Clevenger, introduces the philosophies that he and his team bring to designing consumer journeys.

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Animated design systems

Designer and animator, Val Head, gives new movement to design systems with her free e-book, Animation in Design Systems.

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In living color

Nate Baldwin, senior experience designer at Adobe, shares Leonardo: a tool for generating color contrast-ratio based generated colors.

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When in doubt - prototype it.

Director of software development, Christian Cantrell, helps avoid high-stakes product launches becoming large-scale, risky experiments through prototyping.

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Spatial computing reimagines design’s future

Silka Miesnieks, Adobe’s head of emerging design, imagines a world where physical realities and digital experiences enmesh themselves.

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Narrowing the gap: machine learning and creative tools

Adobe’s Machine Intelligence Design Team believes in the power of intelligent tools to bring users closer to their task and the results they want to see.

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Designing the future of the paperless document

In a world where digital documents are the future but paper documents still reign, Adobe’s senior experience design lead, Amy Casillas and senior experience designer Lynn Hao share how Adobe Scan is bridging the gap.

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Designing Adobe’s brand illustration style

Adobe’s product illustrations have a new look and experience designer Emma Zhang shares the process.

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Implementing inclusive design in your organization

Adobe’s head of inclusive design Matt May discusses how to practice inclusive design and inclusion.

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How Adobe is building a design system at scale

At a big organization, scaling a design system can present some interesting challenges. Adobe’s Spectrum Design Team shares some of their learnings.

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Design is never neutral

Designers can’t simply make digital products easier to use. They have to think about what’s in the best interests of the user, says principal designer Khoi Vinh.

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